“Baños de Agua Santa” City a place for adventure

Pailon del Diablo WaterfallOne great adventure trip to Ecuador we recommend the city of Baños de Agua Santa. The principal city of the Tungurahua province. Depending on your interests various activities can be done here ranging from paragliding or canoeing. The latter being one of the most popular activities in Baños. Here you will ride down the Rio Blanco descending down 6 waterfalls. For the ones that prefer more dry activities we recommend rock climbing in San Martin. These activities are all guided by professionals in the field with extensive experience in the field.

If you however prefer to enjoy wonders of nature you can do so as well in Baños, which is home to the famous “Waterfall Route”. You have an excellent view from above the river. Amongst them, being one of the tourists’ favorite is “Manto de la Novia” or the Bride´s veil. You can access this waterfall by cable car. Once up there you have a spectacular view. Another tourist´s favorite is the legendary “Pailon del Diablo” or the Devil´s Cauldron. Here you can approach the fall and feel the force of the water falling down from the top – a true art of nature.

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