Couple tips to travel in Ecuador

Couple tips to travel in Ecuador

Secure Taxi in Ecuador

When you take a taxi in Ecuador make sure it belongs to a taxi company for safety reasons and also uses a taximeter for a fair price. taxis fares are cheap compared to other countries, for example the taxi fare from Quito to Tababela’s airport is about $25. (25 miles)

In small towns you can pay for one ride just $2. (it will not be longer than a couple miles)

When you go to Otavalo City, one of the most visited sites in Ecuador, There is also a place where you can practice your abilities for bargaining and buy souvenirs with discounted prices. The right place to do this is Otavalo market which is the biggest colorful Indian market of Ecuador, it takes place each Saturday and features some of the finest products such as ponchos, sweaters, hats, wall hangings and shawls, silver jewels and so on. It is open during the week but Saturday is more interesting and alive. The most of the sellers are native, the women wearing strings of gold necklaces, and dress a long blue skirt and white embroidered shirt. While the men dress a white pants, a dark hat and a dark colored poncho

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