Ecuador, recognized for the WTA for its amazing tourists attractions


Top destinations and services of Ecuador have been nominated for the 2015 World Travel Awards (WTA), which categorize, reward and celebrate all sectors of the global tourism industry.
In Ecuador, one of them, Quito, the capital, known as the city of the eternal spring, offers its unique colonial and modern districts which are considered as a mosaic of cultural and paradisiac places. Its enchanting natural viewpoints, allow all visitors to enjoy an incredible landscape, not only the city but the stunning surrounding mountains, its valleys, its typical quarters and modern buildings, among others. Just a few weeks ago it was also recognized for the special taste of its typical and delicate dishes, a plus for all our visitors.


We continue with the Ecuadorian Andean train which data from the eighties, one of the main forms of mobilization at that time and today one of the most touristic attractions, as it is considered as one of the most impressive engineering work in the world as it connects the coast to the mountains.


There are no words to describe the enchanting beauty of our Galapagos Islands; for this year, we have Bartolome Island on the list. This is one of the newest islands on the Archipelago and is plenty of a variety of red, orange, green, and black volcanic formations which are the perfect niche of gracious penguins, tropical fishes, white-tipped sharks, marine turtles and a variety of different birds. From its volcanic cone, you have the perfect mirador of its surroundings.


Those are not the unique nominees in the country! We have different Hotels, Resorts and Spa´s with an excellent service, do not hesitate, come to Ecuador, a paradise for tourism.

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