Galapagos Islands First Touristic Destination

Masked Boobie in Galapagos IslandsGalapagos Islands first touristic destination in the contest organized by the website, and sponsored by the newspaper USA Today.

This islands was chosen from a list of 20 most attractive destinations of the world. The “enchanted islands” lead the list of the 10 sites that should know before he died. The ten winners are: Galapagos, Alaska, a Safari in Africa, the islands of the South Pacific, Italy, Greece, Ireland, New Zealand, the pyramids of Egypt and the Swiss Alps.

Reason for this nomination: Destination exotic and mixed wildlife, unique ecosystem, in which visitors can experience closely the relationship with wildlife, also discover impressive underwater life that can be enjoyed with the practice of snorkeling with sea lions and sea turtles; In addition to observing the rituals of mating of the blue-footed albatrosses, and marine iguanas

This recognition is proof of the importance of this natural heritage. Last year, the Ecuadorian archipelago also won recognition as ‘Best world green destination 2015’, awarded by the International Association for World Travel Awards (WTA), considered the award ‘Oscar’ of tourism, organized by the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

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