LLanganates National Park an adventure tourism center

LLanganates National Park an adventure tourism center

llanganates national park

An important discovery was found in the Llanganates National Park, located 20 miles from Baños de Agua Santa, this cozy town considered a very popular adventure tourism center, and the gateway for tours into the Amazon region.

A group of Explorer informs to have found ruins in the dense Amazonian jungle that could reveal one of the mysteries of the Inka time. The initial theory suggests it could contain the Treasure of the Llanganatis, a huge quantity of gold and other riches supposedly hidden in the early 16th century by Inca general Ruminahui to keep it from the forces of Spanish conquistadors. Legend says the general took the hoard up into the Llanganatis Mountains and hid it in a cave or threw it into a lake.

This team formed by explorers from England, France, United States and Ecuador has located the site in the jungle area of the Llaganates Park which they believe could represent one of the greatest archaeological discoveries. After three months of works, they have already unearthed a 260ft tall by 260ft wide structure, made up of hundreds of two-ton stone blocks, and believe there could be more, similar constructions over an area of about a square mile.
Investigations of this discover, in the Andes mountain range, are at an early stage and theories as to what it contains vary.

Some of those involved believe it could be the mausoleum of Atahualpa, the last Incan emperor who was captured by the conquering Spaniards, or hold the Treasure of the Llanganates, a vast haul of gold and other riches amassed by his people to pay for his release In exchange for his freedom, Atahualpa is said to have offered to fill a room with gold. But the offer was rebuffed and he was executed in 1533.

According to the legend his body was buried with great treasures, that probably can be found in this new site.

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