The magic of Tigua

The magic of  Tigua

Tigua Cotopaxi

Tigua is a small town that is located at 4000 meters in the parish of Zumbahua, in the Cotopaxi Province, near the beautiful lagoon of Quilotoa . The Tigua ancestors have left their generations, the respect for nature and its surroundings. The main theme for the paintings is the nature. Therefore this paintings show the stunning landscapes of the Andean Cordillera. The people made the paints on a sheepskin, this kind of art is called art naif, because the paintings represent the daily activities and narrations from the people of Tigua. The skin of the sheep registered many stories, cultural expression of its people. The people express in the paintings the daily experiences, myths and beliefs.
The main elements that its possible to appreciate in the Tigua painting are : the condor, symbol of freedom, appears in almost all paintings and although, the bird exists only in heaven of Tigua. Painters have a strong relationships with the nature and their culture.

Besides you can observe flora like chuquiragua the flower of the Andean and many other colorful flowers such as the flower of the potatoes, beans, quinoa, peas and the purple flower of the lupine beans and corn.
There are many important painters in Tigua, for example the Toaquiza Chugchilán family, they have drawn and painted of their worldview. Each artist interprets reality in their own way, some of them express only the history of the town or just their daily activities.

The hands of the painters have invented and idealized a world of his homeland. The identity is found in the paintings which were prepared carefully, with great sense of tradition playing an important role imagination, fantasy, creativity, legend and memories. Currently this painting has taken a more modern connotation that until reached exhibicion in important art galleries in the world.

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