All you need is Ecuador

All you need is Ecuador

all you need is Ecuador

The launch of the new tourism campaign “All you need is Ecuador” has become a success, generating great interest in the domestic market and especially international, as to communicate that in the country all is near at possessing a variety of tourist attractions in the 4 regions: Coast, Andes, Amazon and Galapagos, offering especially cultural tourism, nature, adventure, gastronomy, landscape, among much more inviting all the world’s travelers to discover in Ecuador a unique experience. The objective of the campaign is to position the Ecuador as a unique and privileged destination in the world to have a mega diversity the same as shown in the commercial with the different attractions of the country, such as crafts, nature, cuisine, wildlife, flora, culture among much more that makes you want to visit and experience the adventure of being in Ecuador.

Internationally were chosen 12 cities to develop the campaign , Paris , Madrid, Sao Paulo , Bogota, Santiago de Chile , Berlin, Lima , New York, Mexico City, London, Buenos Aires and Amsterdam, and nationally 7 cities were chosen : Quito , Cuenca , Guayaquil , Loja, Manta , Santa Cruz and Tena, in which a letter of the slogan ” All you need is Ecuador ” is . It should be noted that the campaign was made by Ecuadorian designers, placing in each letter a QR code, a web address and a label that allows to the people who approaches to the letter interact with each. The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador for this campaign also used a plan based on 5 pillars to promote tourism in the country, with safety, quality, locations and promotion which allows to generate according to the target 64% of the income from exports of services.

We invite everyone to visit the page, and if you want to travel to the attractions like Galapagos, the Andes or the Amazon you can visit our website

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