On March 16th, 2016, the Ministry of Tourism and Environment of Ecuador has signed an agreement in which they explain the regulation of tourism guides in the continental part of Ecuador. Tourism guides in Ecuador are classified in 4 categories: Local Guide National Guide National Guide Specialized in Touristic Patrimony […]

Guides in Ecuador

This marine bird can be easily recognizable by its pastel blue feet, which is its sexually trait. They dive at 60 miles per hour for fish from 33 feet to 100 feet sometimes even to 330 feet under the surface. Their nest is on the ground opposite to Red-Footed Boobies whose […]

The Blue-footed Booby

Shalala Quilotoa Viewpoint
The Quilotoa Crater and its Lagoon are located in the Andes, in the South East of Quito, at a distance of 170 km by road. Its altitude is 3.974 meters ASL and the diameter of its caldera is about 3 km. The lagoon in the crater has a turquoise color […]

Shalalá Quilotoa Viewpoint

San Francisco Church
  San Francisco de Quito, is the capital city of the Ecuador, and thus also of the province of Pichincha. City of legends, traditions, stories, streets carved in stones, churches and buildings that retain their original style. The 6 December 1534 was founded this city with the name: San Francisco […]

Quito Tradition and Festivities

Candies Rocafuerte
  Rocafuerte known as the sweetest canton of Ecuador is located in Manabi province, in the coast region of Ecuador. This sweet tradition maintains with life these little canton that are visited by national and foreign people that buy some of these candies like a sweet souvenir to remember it […]

Rocafuerte a Sweet canton

Devil noise train
  Alausí is the railway town at the top of the famous Nariz del Diablo, or Devil’s Nose, section of Ecuador’s train line. During the dryer months i.e. the high season there is an increase in the influx of tourists. This route passes by the lakes at Cajabamba and Colta […]

Alausi & The Devil´s Nose

Flightless cormorant
The unique Galapagos flightless cormorant The Flightless Cormorant also called Galapagos Cormorant one of the most exceptional and fascinating birds on Earth, it’s a inhabitant of the Galapagos Islands, more specifically can be only found on Isabela and Fernandina island’s isolated environment, with an estimated population of 800 pairs is […]

The unique Galapagos flightless cormorant

Quilotoa Lake
Quilotoa Lake and Tigua art A volcano with a vast lagoon of turquoise water in the crater Quilotoa is one of the marvelous Andean hidden destinations, this is a lagoon located in the volcano of the same name, closed to the Zumbahua parish. All this area is part of the Ilinizas […]

Quilotoa Lake and Tigua art

Christmas bird count
Christmas bird count Ecuador is one of the mega diverse countries around the world, the ideal place for people who want to live and enjoy the nature with all the comfort that they could need. Some cities and parishes, in the amazon region can offer the best experience with a […]

Christmas bird count