Quilotoa Lake and Tigua art

Quilotoa Lake and Tigua art

Quilotoa Lake

A volcano with a vast lagoon of turquoise water in the crater Quilotoa is one of the marvelous Andean hidden destinations, this is a lagoon located in the volcano of the same name, closed to the Zumbahua parish. All this area is part of the Ilinizas natural reserve, located on the West part of the Cotopaxi province.

The hike to the Lake whose diameter is 3 miles and 250 meters of hard depth takes from 30 to 40 minutes The turquoise color is due to minerals that emerge from the ground and paint the rain water which has been retained for millennia by the walls that form the caldera of the volcano. There is a legend in this place that mention that this lake so deep and have a connection to the sea, and therefore its salty flavor and the minerals of its water. Facts:

  • The community provides services such as mules and guides to walk hours around the caldera
  • The basin lies at 3,500 m.
  • Camping at the bottom of the crater, is allowed
  • Zumbahua community located no so far from this spectacular lake, is characterized by the wide variety of handicrafts in wood, stone. Famous are the wooden animal`s masks and myths of the area ,as well as raditional paintings evoke “naïf” style, which are a basic and simple design of the customs, way of live and colors of the highland Ecuador. Naif is a French word applied to the artistic movement characterized by the naivety and spontaneity, later known as Tigua Art

Tigua Art An ancient tradition became art Tigua paintings focus on the landscapes of Andean highlands to narrate stories, festivals, legends and traditions. Its detailed scenes focus in two main areas, the Cotopaxi volcano and the Andean condor. Tigua paintings are done on Sheepskin with enamel paint.

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