Quito Tradition and Festivities

San Francisco Church


San Francisco de Quito, is the capital city of the Ecuador, and thus also of the province of Pichincha. City of legends, traditions, stories, streets carved in stones, churches and buildings that retain their original style. The 6 December 1534 was founded this city with the name: San Francisco de Quito. The city was founded in a troubled time, when the conquistadors sought to expand the domains of the Spanish Crown in Latin America.

The capital festivals are celebrated with parades, SERENADES, the Queen of the city is chosen, there are racing wooden car, there is an impressive variety of typical meals, traditional games as the traditional game of cards “40”, canelazos (hot, brewed drink made with cinnamon and orange), town bands and the fair of bulls.

Quito changes during the first week of December since dress colors, celebration and joy, people feel proud to live in this city and open the doors to all the visitors from all over the world.

However in this city there are a number of options which, in addition to history, remain a legacy that will make tourists feel a connection to this capital city.

Among these options are the various museums of the historical downtown, museums that preserve its architectural work intact, these museums include: the Museum of the city, the wax museum, the Museum of the monastery “San Francisco” and others.

Quito due to its location is a precise point of observation, this colonial city you can see the volcano Pichincha 4794 m in height or the Virgin of the muffin, comprised of seven thousand pieces made of aluminum structure, located in “El Panecillo” (natural elevation of 3,000 meters above the sea level).

The hornado, the sandwiches of ham, tamales, humitas, the quimbolitos, are part of the offer of gastronomy that Quito offers, as well as combining traditions, history and customs preserved a very own taste and a great variety of dishes.

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