Rocafuerte a Sweet canton


Candies Rocafuerte

Rocafuerte known as the sweetest canton of Ecuador is located in Manabi province, in the coast region of Ecuador. This sweet tradition maintains with life these little canton that are visited by national and foreign people that buy some of these candies like a sweet souvenir to remember it visit in Rocafuerte.


The Canela and milk are the principal ingredients that with their odor attract people to visit this canton and buy their candies. It are prepared by the seven typical candies stores that offer more than three thousand varieties of candies., some of them are: alfajores, bocadillos, dulces de guineo, de higo, camote, el rompope, huevo moyo, rollitos, conitos, limon relleno, cocadas, galletas, troliches, bizcochuelos and others.

People from Rocafuerte every year wait for tourist from the highland region that prefers the coast for their vacations. They are the reason to prepare these delicious candies and whereby people have a job to maintain their families.
But how this tradition arrives to our country and especially to this province? The historians says that all begins when German immigrants and religious Oblates arrives to Ecuador to help charities, because of Rocafuerte poverty, but they were so many that the religious decided to prepared the alfajores in order to obtain some money to continue with their mission.

Other important thing that makes special these candies in our country is that they are made without artificial ingredients that make them even more palatable and preferred by parents for their children.
These candies are the best souvenir for people that visit this canton so much so that it crosses provinces and countries. People can find it in many cities of our country like Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Ambato and others, but is not better to visit Rocafuerte and try in the place where are prepared.

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