Shalalá Quilotoa Viewpoint

Shalala Quilotoa Viewpoint

The Quilotoa Crater and its Lagoon are located in the Andes, in the South East of Quito, at a distance of 170 km by road. Its altitude is 3.974 meters ASL and the diameter of its caldera is about 3 km. The lagoon in the crater has a turquoise color due to the minerals dissolved in the water, and it has become the hallmark of this site.

The area has been traditionally inhabited by indigenous populations, being the most named the town of Zumbahua. However there are towns closest to the lagoon as Shalala. Population that is located on the slopes of the volcano, and that was able to identify the increasing flow of tourists, over the past years, and thus undertake the path of community tourism, initiative today in day offers accommodation, food and tours. Entrepreneurship that attracted the support of the Ministry of tourism, with the creation of a viewpoint and trails to reaches the community. Searching the increase of tourists to the sector and therefore to the same population.

The gazebo is a wonderful work designed by Jorge Javier Andrade Benítez, Mera Luna Javier and Daniel Moreno Flores, Ecuadorian architects. It is a construction of wood which meets the standards of conservation and care of the environment, trying to be friendly with the area and at the same time highlight the tourist attractions of the place. It extending in an area of 616 m2 and will contribute to tourism development in Ecuador in order to convert the country in a tourist potential.

This wonderful piece is now part of the most representative works of the year within the Spanish speaking countries, enabling it to be known around the world. This is due to the competition ‘Prize work of the year 2015’, which chose it as the second best work of the year built in Spanish-speaking territories. More than 10,000 readers of the platform architecture, ArchDaily Mexico and Colombia ArchDaily websites were responsible for choosing the three most representative works of the year.

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