Why travel to Galapagos Islands?

Why travel to Galapagos Islands?

Sea Lion in Galapagos IslandsRecently the ‘’Usa today travel’’ began a survey to define the ‘’10 places to visit before you die’’, Galapagos is competing against great human monuments such as the great wall of china, the Egyptian pyramids and great natural wonders such as the Amazon river and Alaska, as today the Galapagos islands are leading the preferences.

It’s not surprise that the Galapagos islands, also known as the enchanted islands, have been enchanting visitors from centuries ago.

Perhaps the most famous visitor was a young scientific called Charles Darwin that on its epic five year journey on the Beagle never thought that this islands were waiting to submerge him with its unique flora and fauna into developing his theory of evolution.

Many years have passed since that moment and thousands of visitor have followed Darwin’s footprints, all of them have been fascinated by the Galápagos land iguana, Galápagos giant tortoise, Darwin’s Finches, Blue-footed boobies, Flightless cormorants, Waved albatross and many more of the species you will only find in the Galapagos.


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