Visit Cuenca, Ecuador´s Athens

Visit Cuenca The Ecuador´s own Athens

Cuenca City

Santa Ana de los cuatro ríos de Cuenca – known only as Cuenca these days, is the third biggest city in Ecuador after Guayaquil and Quito. Considered to be the main hub of the Ecuadorian southern highlands Cuenca offers everything to those travelers who are looking to embark themselves to discover the charm and cultural richness. Cuenca was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The architectural beauty of its historical center with all its elements: churches, parks, colonial houses, cobbled streets, archaeological remains and the gorge of the river Tomebamba. Cuenca City of finding and maintaining contrasts traditional conservatism and reflected in real cultural monuments like the Cathedral Cuenca, famous for its blue domes, and especially for its Romanesque architecture, which glows gold and lavish marble delivery the magnificence of this building that in its sector is among the best of America Hispania.

The city is divided into northern and southern sector. In the north you can admire spectacular houses of the ravine by welcoming the old town of Cuenca. Influenced by Spanish, Moorish and Indigenous architecture, travelers will be amazed by its infrastructural diversity. In high sector, accessible on the hills, are located as on a balcony, residences that combine architectural beauty with the prospects of the lower planes, where the horizon looks dive which unites earth with heaven dear beautiful.

On the other hand in the southern sector the so called new town can be admired wit brand new and large central pathways and streets that offer complete comfort derived from the vehicular and pedestrian traffic. This sector continues to the south, and is already found its outreach to other immediate rivers, the Yanuncay and Tarqui, which came together within the urban area, providing conditions to form an unparalleled amenity park with the beautiful hill of Turi offered their hillocks so that there is another faction to raise timber lookout over the city.

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